Arttitud is the official dealer and distributor of Sixinch in the United States, which is an international furniture and design company. Through the Arttitud showroom, any items from the Sixinch catalog can be ordered, and completely custom Sixinch products can be made for special projects, including custom shapes, colors and fabrics. You can view the Sixinch catalog online at their website:

Founded by Pieter Jamart and Michel Sels of Belgium in 2006, their polyurethane-coated furniture is without limits. The Sixinch line includes chairs, sofas, tables and shelves that will enhance any space in your house. With a variety of colors to choose from, each piece is aesthetic yet functional.

The pair enjoyed increased popularity with the release of the Louis Series in the United States. They recently created an impressive line of modern, high-density foam furniture, which is where their current focus is.

With its innovation and originality, Sixinch has gained respect among many famous designers. Pieces from this line have found a home at select hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and residences throughout the United States and Europe. | | |

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